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Sports Mouthguards

Accidents can happen so we recommend that sports people of all ages wear a mouthguard if the sport or recreational activity could cause trauma to the teeth or mouth.

It could be a contact sport such as rugby, football, hockey, ice hockey, boxing, kick boxing, judo, karate, etc. or even a non contact sport such as gymnastics, squash, cycling?

Sports mouthguards can limit the risk of chipped teeth, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, tissue damage and jaw trauma.

Wearing a mouthguard doesn't just help protect the teeth- it protects the brain too. By wearing a mouthguard you spread the force of an impact or fall, and concussion is far less likely.

We provide custom-made guards to protect against all levels of impact and in a range of colours , stripes, team and school colours. They come with a full dental warranty with cover up to £1000 worth of private dental treatment in the unlikely event of an injury while wearing your 'smileguard'.

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