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Enhancedental is a trusted dental practice in Garforth, Leeds. Our practice provides general, cosmetic, orthodontic and implant treatments to patients. Committed to delivering quality dental care, Enhancedental has earned a good name for providing affordable dental treatments and exceptional patient care.

Our Treatments

Enhancedental provides a range of treatments for families within the area. Some of them include teeth whitening, dental hygiene, root canal therapy, oral surgery,

braces in Leeds

, dental implants in Leeds,

crowns and emergency dental care. Whether you are looking for preventative or cosmetic dentistry services, our practice will be happy to deliver your needs.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our treatments, Enhancedental only uses the latest dental technology and techniques. Our practice makes an effort to follow dental trends, which we study and test before offering to our patients.

Why Choose Enhancedental?

More than 5,000 patients trust Enhancedental when it comes to quality dental care. The needs of our patients are important to us, as we highly regard the patient-dentist relationship. We do this by listening to our patients' demands and providing a detailed plan for every treatment.

You can expect the following when you work with Enhancedental:
  • A thorough explanation of our treatments and services.
  • A friendly and reliable patient-dentist relationship.
  • Affordable and accurate dental services.
  • Exceptional and trustworthy dental treatments.

Apart from this, Enhancedental offers a range of membership and interest-free payment plans that can decrease the overall costs of treatment.

Experience quality dental care with Enhancedental. For appointments and more information, contact us today. We will be happy to answer all your enquiries.


  • Enhancedental
    Icon I felt looked after before, during and after my implant. Kirsty coordinated everything. She was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. On the day of the implant I was very nervous but Abdul who did the implant was lovely and Kirsty was there too so I could relax a bit more Icon
    Mr W
  • Enhancedental
    Icon I have always struggled with my lower denture. There were lots of foods I wouldn't even think of eating especially if I was in a restaurant. Thanks to the implants placed by Abdul my denture is now stable and I can enjoy food and socialising gain Icon
  • Enhancedental
    Icon I only thought children could have braces but then I saw the poster in the waiting room. I had my first consultation and am now wearing my first brace in my forties. Icon
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