Advantages of dental implants over other tooth replacement methods

When you first investigate replacing your missing teeth, you will find a number of options open to you. There are circumstances in which choices like a bridge or dentures might be the most appropriate method. However, if you have the chance to work with dental implants in Garforth, they have several advantages over these more traditional methods.

Dental Implants in GarforthAt Enhancedental, we like to be completely open with our patients about the issues and benefits that accompany all treatments. We can use our expertise to make a comparison for you that considers your needs and oral circumstances. Below we talk about a few common issues with bridges or dentures and how they compare with dental implants.

Insecurity and other common issues

Dental implants in Garforth function in a similar way to natural teeth. You can bite down on them, speak, laugh and smile with complete confidence. Other tooth replacement methods do not offer you the same level of support as they do not have the same anchorage and are not fully integrated with the jawbone in the same was as dental implants.

Pressure on the surrounding teeth

Many types of tooth replacement are supported on the surrounding teeth. This means that you often need to have additional work done to strengthen these areas, so they can do this job. Even with this reinforcement, in the long-term, you can end up with damage to remaining teeth.

By contrast, dental implants in Garforth can contribute to the health of remaining teeth. They stimulate the tissues around the implant site and encourage healthy blood supply. The prosthetic teeth also prevent shifting of the remaining teeth.

Ongoing costs

Dental implants in Garforth might seem like a significant investment at first. Although this is true, the relative rewards are the things that justify the outlay. With a bridge or partial denture, you are often entering a long-term treatment plan that will never fully restore the functionality you are looking for. You will have to return repeatedly to have adjustments and to monitor the efficiency of your tooth replacement method. With dental implants, little maintenance is required after they are fitted over and above your normal dental appointments.

What are your thoughts about braces in Garforth?

Just one of the communication skills that we use at Enhancedental is open questions. These are ones that help to explore your expectations and any concerns that you have when you have braces in Garforth with us. We have plenty of experience working with different patients and their questions, needs and issues so we feel confident about being able to deal with whatever you bring to the table. We will ask questions to help you give us the information we need to craft the perfect treatment for you.

Braces in GarforthHow do you feel about getting braces in Garforth?

Whatever answer you give to this question is ok with us. Some people feel matter-of-fact and pragmatic. Others might be anxious. We even get patients who are excited and eager to get on with the work. Most commonly it’s a mixture of different feelings. We can help you to feel more relaxed when we explain the process of getting braces in Garforth to you.

What kind of braces do you want?

Some patients are surprised to have options when it comes to their braces in Garforth. It may be that your choice of braces needs to be guided by the conditions in your mouth. We’ll let you know if this is the case. You may need more traditional orthodontic work if there is a clinical need or a complex situation. However, many adults are now getting their teeth straightened for cosmetic purposes only. If that’s you, there are a range of excellent options that you may be able to choose between. If you can work with Invisalign, you may not need fixed braces at all.

How much time do you have?

The speed of modern orthodontic devices means that sometimes, we can work within a set timeframe especially if you are planning ahead to a big event that will happen six to twelve months in the future. Whether it’s a big work do, something personal or a much-anticipated holiday, we can help you reach your goal of having a lovely smile to flash when the time is right. This is the part of our service where we can get your treatment to support your life.

The fellowship of the implants

Many people think of getting dental implants as a long, gruelling process, a journey not unlike that taken by Frodo Baggins with that blooming ring. However, here at Enhancedental, we like to think of it more like a walk with some great friends, with some adventures on the way, but nothing to really be scared of, more of a day at a theme park with the odd roller coaster on the way, but nothing like a long, arduous slog through Mordor.

Dental Implants in LeedsLeading the way

Accompanying you on your trip to wonderful replacement teeth will be the fellowship of the implants, headed up by implant surgeon Dr Laura Mikutyte, who has a Master of Science degree in implantology from the University of Manchester. Whether yours is a simple, one tooth replacement or a complex, whole jaw case, you will be in safe hands with Laura.

Laura will guide you through the implant adventure, starting out with an in-depth consultation process. The most important part of the consultation is finding out whether your jaw is capable of holding implants. Laura will take x-rays, perhaps even a CT scan, to see how good your jaw is and where to site the implants.

You will need to get ready for treatment by having any outstanding treatments carried out first and having a good clean mouth to put the implants into.

Implant surgery

This the is roller coaster bit that everyone finds daunting. But as with most rollercoasters, the lead-up is the hard bit and you can go through the whole ride with sedation, which will have you feeling deeply relaxed. You won’t feel pain either, as there will be a local anaesthetic for that.

After surgery

This is the long haul bit. You will be a bit sore for a few days, but over-the-counter painkillers will help. You will need to eat good soups and smoothies for about a week and then eat soft food until your implants have integrated with your jawbone, which takes several weeks.

Then, once you have your replacement crowns in place, you will discover that everything you have been through has been more than worth it.

What’s it like getting dental implants?

Here at Enhancedental in Leeds, we get asked this question a lot. People seem to think getting dental implants to replace their lost teeth is a long, arduous and painful process.

But we say, don’t believe the hype, it’s really not that bad, and the results are more than worth any time it takes to get them put in and wait for them to integrate. In fact, many of our patients think that dental implants in Leeds are not far short of miraculous in the way that they mimic natural teeth so well.

Dental Implants in LeedsNot only do they look and feel like natural teeth, but they work as well as natural teeth do too, and that’s no mean feat. Getting teeth to act like teeth is the holy grail of restoration dentistry and dental implants have achieved that.

They are every bit as strong and stable as healthy natural teeth, with a chewing power of more than your average bloke, which in numbers is 97kg or 200lbs of force. If you’ve ever bitten your tongue, you’ll know how powerful biting and chewing can be.

Implant surgery

Providing your jawbone is in good nick, you can go straight to implant surgery. We recommend you have implants put in as soon as possible after losing a tooth, so that the jawbone does not have time to start shrinking back, which happens very quickly after tooth loss.

Pain-wise, implant surgery is easily carried out under local anaesthetic, because there are very few nerve endings in the jawbone. We cut through your gum to carefully drill artificial sockets into the bone. It takes a while as we have to be very careful not to crack or overheat the bone, but all you will feel is pressure. If you are keyed up about having this done, we can relax you with oral or intravenous sedation.

You may be sore and swollen for a few days after surgery, after all you have just had surgery, but over-the-counter painkillers will be enough to take care of the pain. You will also have to eat liquid and then soft foods while your implants integrate with your jawbone, which takes several weeks. So, curry it is then. Hold the popadoms.

Big picture and detail with dental implants in Garforth

Being well-prepared for a treatment is often a matter of balance. This applies both physically and psychologically. At Enhancedental, we look at all levels of a treatment to ensure we are offering comprehensive support for your experience as a dental implant patient. We have lots of experience creating well-rounded treatment plans and implementing strategies that make our patients feel comfortable.

Dental Implants in GarforthOne of the balances that it’s important to maintain is between the big picture and detail when it comes to treatment. Too much detail can be overwhelming while too much big picture can leave you uncertain of the course of your treatment. Laura Mikutyte, our dental implantologist, has her eye on these areas to make sure your treatment is pitched at the right level for you.

Big picture

It’s great and motivating to have an overarching vision of how dental implants in Garforth will work out for you. As a patient, you can look forward to a beautiful smile that functions in similar ways to natural teeth. The big picture is that we can achieve this with dental implants in Garforth. Having the end result in mind can help you through any parts of the treatment that may be tricky for you. For some people, it might be making the decision to go ahead in the first place. For others, it might be the fitting process. Whatever it is, Enhancedental are here to remind you of the benefits and support you at every stage.


So many specifics go into ensuring your dental implants in Garforth are successful. The exact details change from patient to patient and it’s our team’s job to fit them all together so that they meet all your needs.

We assess all the aspects of your mouth that are affected by treatment and check if you need any preparatory work. We then decide how many implants you might need. This is not necessarily the same as the number of teeth you have missing. One implant can support several teeth if necessary. These are just a few of the details that we pay attention to so that you can have the right treatment for you at Enhancedental.

Conquering procrastination around your dental health

At Enhancedental, we know that most of our patients have busy lives that revolve around work, families, friends and generally enjoying life. Dental treatment is often low on people’s to-do list… until something goes wrong with the teeth. It can then quickly shoot to the top-priority spot. It’s better to deal with any issue before it gets urgent as, inevitably, when it does, it ends up costing you more time and money that it would have done if dealt with earlier.

Dental Implants in GarforthProcrastinating about something like dental implants in Garforth is denying yourself the chance to have an improved lifestyle due to a full smile. Below are just a couple of our thoughts on getting the treatment you want.

Just do it

A famous advertiser had it right with this one. Psychologically, we are bombarded with opportunities and choices all day long. It can be exhausting to be constantly weighing up this or that and shelving the decision for another day. One of the top productivity tips for reducing stress is to just take the next step and clear an item from your to-do list. To help you do this with dental implants in Garforth, Enhancedental can assure you of the following:

  • Booking in for an appointment does not oblige you to get future treatment
  • We can give you far more information about your personal treatment plan after your initial consultation. This includes information on costs, appointment times and how many dental implants you need
  • You can ask any questions you want during your consultation and we will give you comprehensive, honest answers.

Waiting can be detrimental

‘The sooner, the better’ is a phrase that the dental industry could have as its motto. Any dental treatment is easier the earlier we can diagnose and treat the problem. Any delay only leads to further deterioration. You may think that, once a tooth is lost, it’s lost and this no longer applies. This isn’t the case, as the other structures around you tooth, such as your gums and bone, are still in place and responding to the fact that your tooth is missing. They will deteriorate without the proper stimulation, which leads to a less-than-ideal environment for your future dental implants in Garforth.

High expectations you should have about braces in Garforth

There are plenty of areas in life where you should be cautious about your expectations. Too high and you might be disappointed. Too low and you might not feel motivated to act. When it comes to a dental treatment like braces, Enhancedental can help you pitch your expectations at just the right level when you get braces in Garforth with us. Helping you to have realistic ideas about the way your treatment will go, and what we can achieve, is part of the robust communication services that we offer as a dental practitioner.

Braces in GarforthWhat can you achieve with braces in Garforth?

There are different factors that we can adjust when it comes to your braces experience. For example, you might be able to focus on the cosmetic benefits of straightening your teeth and experience shorter treatment times. Or you could get something more extensive done that takes a bit longer but has more dramatic results. We help you balance the factors that are important to you and choose the treatment that gets you where you want to be with your smile.

What types of braces are there?

Some patients are not even aware that there are different types of braces to choose between. We offer a range of orthodontic options for adults, teenagers and children.

For example, one of the options we work with is Invisalign. This method is suitable for mild to moderate misalignments and utilises clear aligners to straighten the teeth. Each patient is given a set of aligners to take home and work through at two-weekly intervals.

How does the process work?

You will have an initial consultation with us. We create a treatment plan based on your choices and this is then carried out over a number of appointments. Most braces only require one or two fitting appointments followed by check-ups at regular intervals. The length of these is dependent on the method of teeth straightening and how much adjustment is needed. After treatment, all patients need to wear a retainer for a period of time to prevent relapse. This is regardless of the method of straightening that it used in the first place.

Better late than never

Did you know that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can get your teeth straightened. Here at Enhancedental in Leeds, our orthodontics (child and adult) specialist, Dr Sophy Barber, can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted even if you have been waiting a lifetime for it.

Orthodontics in LeedsWe can start straightening teeth from around the age of 9 years, and even if you are 99, we can still straighten your teeth. Having said that, because straightening teeth involves the bone having to dissolve itself and then rebuild itself, this process is much quicker when you are younger.

Even though age is no barrier to getting teeth aligned, many adults choose not to get treatment because they mistakenly believe that doing so would mean having to wear clunky, metal braces for a long time.

But braces technology has come forward in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Treatments can be much quicker, especially if the teeth are not severely wonky, and much more discreet.

There are several brands of braces that have been designed with adults in mind, both fixed and removable.

A lot of adults don’t need to worry about severe misalignment issues as these would have been dealt with when they were young. They are more likely to come to us for mild issues to do with the front 6-8 teeth, which are the ones most on show when people smile and talk, or to sort out teeth that were straightened and have wandered back some way into being wonky.

The Inman Aligner

This is a great removable device that sandwiches the front teeth between 2 spring-loaded aligner bows. It can take as little as 6 weeks to straighten some issues out.


Clear aligners that look like mouth guards. Once in place, they are so thin that they can’t be seen over the teeth. You receive a series of aligners, each one slightly different from the last to move the teeth along a path to alignment.

Both the above 2 devices are taken out for eating and cleaning.

We also offer fixed braces, including some which go behind the teeth to be completely hidden from view.

Braces: the gateway to a lifelong lovely smile

Smiles open doors in life. People are hardwired to respond well to a great smile and those who have one can testify to the warmth with which others react to it. Having a winning smile can go a long way to smoothing one’s path through life and it’s one reason why so many parents invest in braces for their children. They come to us at Enhancedental in Leeds, where we provide orthodontics (child and adult).

Orthodontics in LeedsOrthodontics requires extra training after completion of 5 years study to become a general dentist. Our orthodontist Dr Sophy Barber has been working in dentistry since 2008 and also works as a specialist orthodontist at Leeds Dental Institute.

Orthodontics for children

It is now possible to straighten children’s teeth at a much younger age than previously. We can keep an eye out for problems to do with their bite, such as overbites and crossbites. We can also see how the teeth are coming through and fit your child with braces to ensure their teeth come through into the correct positions rather than waiting for them all to descend and then rearranging them.

NHS or non-NHS?

Not every child qualifies for braces treatment on the NHS. There is only limited funding available and even if your child does qualify, the waiting lists can be long and you may choose to get them treated earlier before they hit their teens and have to wear braces during a period of terrible self-consciousness.

Sophy will be able to give you valuable information to help you come to the right decision for your child.

If your child’s teeth or bite are not deemed severely misaligned enough to get treatment on the NHS, there are plenty of options available for braces and other devices that will ensure they go into adulthood with a lovely smile.

Depending on your child’s alignment issues, there may be discreet or even as good as invisible braces that they can have. There are also options for devices that are removed for eating and cleaning, which can be a lot less hassle for children with mild to moderate alignment issues who are disciplined enough to wear their braces for the required time each day.

Are dental implants in Leeds right for you?

If you’re on the brink of losing some teeth, you are no doubt looking to the future to work out which replacement method will work best for you. In Leeds, dental implants have become increasingly popular and many people are choosing them over other replacement methods because they find they are the best way to get full functionality. But what does full functionality mean and are dental implants right for you? How do you find out without having to shell out on investigative consultations?

Dental Implants in LeedsHow about coming to see Laura Mikutyte here at Enhancedental for a free and informal chat about dental implants in Leeds? Laura has a Master’s degree in Implantology and our implant patients are treated by her.

Informal preliminary chat

She will be able to talk you through the dental implant process, which sounds scarier than it actually is. You can ask all the questions you want about the process, and about the pros and cons of this innovative treatment. Laura will meet you along with our treatment co-ordinator. If it seems like dental implants are going to be the right thing for you, we can go ahead and book you in for a more in-depth examination.

Why do I need an examination?

Dental implants are inserted into your jawbone and, in order for them to be able to withstand the powerful forces created when you bite and chew, the bone needs to be strong and dense and good at renewing itself. If it isn’t, it’s a bit like hanging a swing off a rotten beam. A few swings and the screws will fall out.

At the examination, we will investigate the state of your jawbone with x-rays and scans. This will show us not only if it’s up to the job, but if it is, where we need to place the implants for maximum efficiency while avoiding important blood vessels and nerves.

If there is an issue with your jawbone, we can consider options to improve it.

If it looks like we can go ahead, we can find ways to get your implants in place without you having to take lots of time off work, such as weekend appointments, and spreading the cost with 0% finance.